TED Global at Catete92 (english)

Emmanuelle Roques visited us during the TED Global Rio. By the occasion of the event in the city, we were invited along with many Educational and Collaborative Spaces to host live screenings of the talks. 

This post is an excerpt from the text TEDGlobal para todos = a good reason to explore the collaborative Rio (and go to the beach !) originally published in October 2014. 

*Trecho do texto da Emmanuelle Roques sobre sua passagem pelo circuito de casas colaborativas no Rio durante o evento TED Global no Rio, que aconteceu na praia de Copacabana em Outubro 2014. Fomos convidados para transmitir ao vivo as palestras e propor uma progamação paralela de eventos, elaborados de forma colaborativa por algumas casas cariocas. Infelizmente o texto só está disponível em inglês e francês.

It was lunch time, session 2 was only starting at the beginning of the afternoon, so I found a good place to eat.

and Paulo went back to his studies

I was back in time for session 2 at Catete 92,
a « house of free creation and learning »

This session was presenting the marvelous Alessandra Orofino for the project Meu Rio)

Together with the live of TEDGlobal, our hosts Luisa & Felipe organized a very interesting graphic facilitation (facilitaçao gráfica) workshop and we practiced right away
on the talks

Sharing, participation, creativity, generosity, cat to pet and pop corn « all you can eat »…. all the right conditions are gathered at Catete 92 to create an wonderful experience of collaboration, based on trust and experiment

Charges are payed by a participation fixed by each person freely, either for regular use or once in a while for conferences, work-shops, animations… For example, Laura works there everyday and throws into the participation bucket 300 to 500 reales
(125 to 200$) every month

A board in the entrance of the house tells the level of funds reached day after day.

Long life to Catete92
and to Zé the house cat !